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Kristen Arden

Archive Series

The Archive Series grew out of a collection of ‘natural’ items I kept discovering around my property out in the country. My work has always been nature-based, but after living in the country for the last number of years I’ve become interested in exploring these perfect little natural, leftover constructions or items both as objects, but also as mementos or little carriers of meaning and connection. It’s a sort of a Carl Linnaeus-esque impulse to preserve these little pieces of nature.

I’ve also become interested in moss as a subject, an interesting plant that has no roots and seems to survive and thrive in some pretty tough spots, but is incredibly lush and vibrant.  The Archive Series pieces include castings of birds’ nests and parts of beehives, and preserved moss that I’ve sprayed with a fixative so that it will remain as it is currently.

I’m continuing to collect pieces of nature I’ve found around my property – I have a box with some butterflies, dragonflies, and dragonfly wings – that I’m still working through how to incorporate in my work. I’m excited for the possibilities of where these incredibly delicate findings will take me.

Interested Artists

Artists interested in showing their work at the cafe can send us an email with a letter of interest, resume, and at least five work samples.